Free Surveys & Estimates

Once you contact us, we will arrange a pre-move house survey. One of our surveyors will visit your home to calculate the volume of your household goods allowing us to provide you with an accurate quote for your move. All of our surveyors are highly experienced move specialists, with a high degree of industry knowledge. They will explain the moving process in detail and all of the services which will take place, such as packing, moving, shipping, insurance, storage and notify on restricted/prohibited items and customs procedures for destination country.  Detailed planning at this stage enables a stress-free move. We understand that every home is different – we are moving your family possessions, not just objects. We establish your needs and set expectations, build the assignee relationship and discuss moving schedule. 

The following questions may be asked during the pre-move survey:

♦  Date of relocation
♦  Address where effects are to be uplifted from
  Is there a second address (i.e. storage) that extra items will need to be collected from?
  Packing requirements – are there any items of high value, antiques, artworks etc.?
  Are there any bulky / heavy items that require specialist equipment?
  Delivery address – is the access okay? Will any stair/long carry required?
  For international relocations – what mode of transport is required? Sea, Air or Road?
  Are there any items that are not being included in the removal?
  Are there special requirements such as pet relocation or vehicle transportation?
  Is there any furniture which requires complex dismantling and reassembly?
  For relocations from/ to an apartment is a service lift available?
  For domestic relocations are there plants or is a ‘live’ freezer included?
  Will storage at origin or destination be required?
  Will insurance be required?

In order to obtain a fixed quotation the above issues must to taken into consideration by the Move Specialist as they will affect the quotation.

So when you are ready please call us on +994 (12) 409 40 88 or alternatively e-mail us on to request a free survey

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