Car Shipping

Whether you are moving overseas and bringing your vehicle or just bought a new car at auction and want to send it back home, our team of car shipping specialists will treat it with the utmost respect throughout the moving process and get your vehicle to its final destination safely and in original condition. We’ll carefully inspect your car and bike for any existing damages before we move it. We make it easy regardless of your vehicle's location and final destination by offering multiple transportation modes including shared containers, sole use 20ft and 40ft containers and air freight.

Why ship your car and motorbike with ALLRIGHT MOVING & STORAGE?
If it has wheels, we can move it. We've been shipping cars and motorbikes internationally for many years. It's our passion and why we offer highly competitive international car shipping rates, continue to grow our network, and find ways to ship more efficiently and cost effectively for clients. We will treat your vehicle with care from start-to-finish
• Imported vehicle must comply with Euro-4 ecological standard. In case if vehicle does not comply with Euro-4 ecological standard it will not be allowed for import into country.
• IMPORT OF PERSONAL VEHICLES TO AZERBAIJAN IS SUBJECT TO PAYMENT OF IMPORT CUSTOMS LEVIES, DUTIES AND VAT. The following information is required to calculate approximate amount of import duties, fee and vat:

- Make                                                     
- Model                                                   
- VIN number                                          
- Year of manufacture                          
- Country of origin                                
- Engine capacity                                   
- Number of passenger seats              
- Value of the vehicle

Customs Authorities reserve the right for independent evaluation / re-evaluation of the vehicle and final amount of import duties will depend on decision of customs officials.
Below you will see the table with limitations basing on origin country and production years:

Country-maker of automobiles Year of car manufacture
EU member-states (Germany, UK, France, Austria etc.) since 2005
USA since 2004
Japan since 2011
China since 2011
Korea since 2006
Turkey since 2009

For more information on vehicle shipping procedures and customs requirements please contact us on +994 (12) 409 40 88 or alternatively, e-mail us on

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