Planning of Shipping Mode

In life and business, there are always choices to make. Transport and shipping mode are key considerations when planning for international moves. When it comes to international shipping, there are many choices and of all these, the most basic is the decision of what kind of transport to use: air freight, road or ocean freight. Each mode of freight transport has its own unique advantages. Choosing an appropriate method is heavily dependent on distance, the geographic location of your destination, the nature of your items, your budget, and any necessary deadlines or schedules that must be adhered to. Items that must be moved quickly should be shipped by air, while goods that aren’t needed in a hurry can be shipped inexpensively by road and sea.


Ocean Mode: There are two ways of shipping by sea: First way is FCL (full container load ocean freight) when your goods are loaded into your own secure sea container. It is the most efficient way to ship your large volume cargo. Commonly usedcontainer sizes are 20”, 40”, 40HC and 45HC. Based on volume details, your move specialist can suggest what type of container will be more suitable and cost saving for you. Second way is LCL (less than container load ocean freight) which is commonly used if you don’t have enough cargo to fill a container load. You pay only for the space used in the container. Once you ship LCL you share the containers with other importers and there are more add on costs since the container needs to go CFS (Container Freight Station) to be split. Shipping the container with a little bit empty space but as FCL might be cheaper than sharing with others as LCL.

Surface Mode: Road transport has a great advantage over other modes of transport for its flexible service; its routes and timings can be adjusted and changed to individual requirements without much inconvenience. The outstanding advantage of road transport is that it provides door to door or warehouse to warehouse service. This reduces cartage, loading and unloading expenses. We have our own fleet of trucks equipped with a real-time satellite tracking systems. With a staff of experienced drivers we offer regular full (FTL) and part-load (LTL) road freight services to CIS, Europe and UK. Our local knowledge of each destination means we can give a reliable and expert service.

 Air Mode: Air freight is often used for high value and low volume shipments.  When your goods need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution compared to sea or road transport, no doubt about it. Many airlines have a large network of destinations that covers almost the entire world. This means that you can send the shipment to nearly every destination. We work with only approved airlines and select their most suitable and cost effective service level for your shipments. High performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs are offered by air freight solutions.

It is important to choose the appropriate mode of transportation to ensure your personal belongings arrive on time and at the right cost, and ALLRIGHT MOVING & STORAGE will offer you right and cost efficient mode of transportation for your international move.

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