Customer service

We promise service. And we keep our promises.
Our devoted team consists of people who understand moving from the customer's point of view. They take a personal interest in your satisfaction. You have just one person to deal with, one van and one van operator to serve you, and one place to call for answers to your questions. Our reputation is based on your satisfaction. Every day we uphold a dedication to customer satisfaction that sets us apart as a worldwide moving leader. Our investments in people, equipment and systems reflect our commitment to be your first and best choice for service.


Operations Department

Your move specialist at ALLRIGHT MOVING & STORAGE makes sure everything happens according to schedule, loading no earlier than one date and delivering no later than another. He logs the information about your move with our operations department. Here, people dedicated to making sure things go smoothly provide whatever support you may need. As our customer, you get online access to our information systems for checking the progress of your shipment.


Our record for safe transport is among the industry's best. But if you experience delay, damage, or loss, we will resolve the issue swiftly and fairly